Bridal Beauty: Simple Instructions To Keep Your Makeup Airbrush Clean

Brides want to look beautiful on their big day. Part of that beauty includes the right makeup. Many brides are turning to airbrushing as a way to obtain makeup perfection for their wedding day. If you've decided to take a makeup airbrushing class, you'll need to learn how to keep your airbrush system clean. Buildup inside the airbrush can prevent the proper application of makeup. In addition, the makeup can develop bacteria which can be transferred to your clients faces during the makeup application process. Here are some simple instructions for cleaning your airbrush.

Remove the Tip

The tip of the airbrush can get clogged with foundation. For this reason, you should remove the tip after each application and clean it with a cotton applicator. Once its cleaned, you can replace it and move on to your next application.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

You might think that chemical-based cleaners would be better for your airbrush but they're not. The harsh chemicals can weaken the gaskets and fittings inside the airbrush. Instead, clean your airbrush with distilled water. You shouldn't use ordinary water because the minerals contained in it can cause hard water deposits inside tip.

Check for Debris

When using cotton applicators or tissue to clean the inside of your airbrush, be sure to remove the residue before reassembling the system. Small pieces of lint, cotton or tissue can get stuck inside the airbrush. When that happens, your system may get clogged and not work properly. One way to remove the lint is to carefully blow inside the airbrush before reassembling your airbrush.

Remove Residual Makeup

Once you're done applying makeup to your clients, you'll notice a bit of residual makeup on the airbrush. You'll need to remove that as soon as possible. The residual can dry and cause clogs. It can also build up and lead to blotches in the application process. To remove the residual makeup, you'll need a small cup and some distilled water. Pour a small amount of distilled water into the cup. Place your finger over the airbrush nozzle and slowly pull the lever back. This will allow a small amount of air to flow through the airbrush, which will loosen the residual makeup in the tube. Repeat the process several times and then dry the tip of the airbrush with a soft tissue.

Airbrushing is a great way to apply makeup perfectly every time. If you're taking classes to learn how to apply bridal makeup with an airbrush, use these simple instructions to keep your system clean. To learn more, contact a company like Khuraira Cosmetics