Tips For Shaping And Filling In Eyebrows At Home

Your eyebrows help to frame your face and highlight your eyes. You may not have paid much attention to your own eyebrows, but others have probably noticed them. If you need to up your eyebrow game a bit, you can go in to a salon and have them done for you, but if you need a more budget-friendly solution, do them at home. See below for some tips on how to shape your eyebrows and how to fill them in yourself.

Tweezing, Shaping And Trimming Tips

  • Tweezing. Separate your eyebrows, there should be two, not one. The beginning of your eyebrows should begin and line up directly where your nostrils start. Don't tweeze out too much, or they will look too separated. Tweeze anything in between the two starting points. To help with the pain of tweezing, you can apply a teething gel to your eyebrows to help numb the area a bit.
  • Shaping. Once you have your eyebrows separated, you can begin tweezing the stray hairs above and below the thicker portion of your eyebrows. Don't overdo it though, just stick to the stray hairs above and below that look like they just don't belong. To help mark what you want removed, use a bright white eye pencil to help guide you. Once finished, you should have the general shape of your eyebrows back without any strays.
  • Trimming. Next, use a small brush to brush up your eyebrows so they are pointing straight up towards your hairline. Any hairs that are longer than the top of the brow, you'll need to trim using a small pair of scissors. 

When finished trimming and tweezing, apply a small amount of lotion with aloe or vitamin E to help soothe the area.

Filling In Eyebrows

Tweezing, trimming and shaping your eyebrows is only one part of getting the eyebrows you want. Your eyebrows may be in great shape, but now may be lacking in fullness. To help create a better brow, you need to fake it a bit. Applying a brow filler using makeup is the way to do this.

  1. Look for a brow pencil that matches with your eyebrow color. There are also brow kits available that come with a pencil, brush and a pomade or gel.
  2. To apply the pencil, apply it using brush-like strokes to mimic your natural eyebrow hair. Fill in the front of the brow and then the back end of the eyebrow.
  3. Blend the eyebrow with a brush, then finish it off by applying eyebrow gel.

Having your eyebrows done at a salon is a great way to get your eyebrows in shape, but if this just isn't in your budget, do them yourself at home using the tips above.

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