3 Great Reasons To Use Electric Feel Nail Polish

It is always fun to switch up your nail polish colors and try out new polishes. It keeps your nails looking fun and exciting and allows you to have nails that are appropriate for the season, your outfit color, a special event that you are attending, and so on. If you are looking for a new nail polish to try that has a cool effect to it, you should look into electric feel nail polish. This article will discuss 3 great reasons to use electric feel nail polish. 

It Creates A Cool Rainbow Effect 

One of the cool features that electric feel nail polish creates is a rainbow effect. This is done by using different colored glitters within the polish that bring out all of the colors in the rainbow. This effect creates what looks like a rainbow when your nails are in any type of light. This rainbow effect is super fun and unique and is something that most polishes can't create for you. Also, what is cool about this rainbow effect is that your main polish is still going to be a solid color when not in the light, but it will have the glitter flecks located within it. 

It Goes On Nice And Thin

Some of the polishes that have glitter in them are known for being somewhat chunky and are quite difficult to put on. This is due to the glitter pieces that are located within the polish. Thankfully, the electric feel nail polish doesn't have that issue, but instead goes on very smoothly and in thin layers. You will want to apply a couple different coats of polish to your nails in order to get the complete coverage that you would like, but even with multiple coats it will not be thick and lumpy. 

It Comes With A Topcoat To Seal The Polish

When you take a great deal of time to paint your fingernails, you want it to at least last your for a few days, if not more. A great way to do this is to apply a topcoat over your regular polish. This topcoat seals the polish into place and helps it to last longer. The electric feel nail polish comes with a top coat. Just keep in mind that you are going to want to apply a couple layers of the topcoat in order to completely seal in the polish. 

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